match dating events

No waiting – immediate voting feedback

This site is about a new, fun way to meet interesting and attractive singles face to face and be able to vote for your preferences immediately – no waiting for the next day.

Everyone will receive a result at the venue and decide immediately via the phone app if they wish to continue chatting.

Apart from better matching we look after your privacy and only give out your mobile number when both matches agree to chat some more.

No bells, buzzers or commands

Your matches appear on your phone which you also use for your final voting and the time is automatically programmed so everyone receives an alert privately


Lovechk’s discovery that everyone has an attraction preference to particular styles of behaviour, brain and personality traits allows for better matching.

Most attracted

You will be matched with the style that you are most attracted to which will dramatically improve your chances of finding someone special compared to other dating sites.

It is impossible to predict unique desire between two people which is why you need to meet your matches in person, face to face and carry on a conversation together. If most of your matches are not your matched style it will be much more difficult, time consuming and expensive to find someone you click with.

With Lovechk it will be faster and more enjoyable.


Another consideration for attraction is similarity in culture, socio economic standing, age and intelligence. Lovechk is promoted through venues, clubs, institutions and groups so that people with similar interests attend the events in tight age ranges.

Although participants only talk to between three and seven specific matches in their group, at any event there may be many groups consisting of different romantic styles which mingle together.