Generic Bar


Lounge bar, 123 Spent St. Melbourne


7.00pm Thurs 4th June 2016, cost $49.90

Duration around 70 mins, once the event begins latecomers cannot participate so please arrive 30 mins early to allow time to check everyone into the event.

Age range:

There are five age ranges from 18-36 which you select when you register.

You will be notified via email three days before the event if there are not enough matches for your age range and romantic type.

If not you will be automatically entered into the next event which you can change through your account dashboard.


The minimum number of matches is three and the maximum is seven for each age range and romantic style. We will adjust the size of groups to suit the number of participants. If a person does not show up one person of the opposite gender will miss out on a match for one round only.


Voting and acceptances after the event will be via the app.


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